13 Different Aesthetic Styles: A Guide To 2023 Fashion Trends


13 Different Aesthetic Styles: A Guide to 2023 Fashion Trends

You know, there are many different aesthetic styles, and they exist everywhere. Sometimes you even don’t notice them. Then knowing about aesthetic styles will allow you to change the game and change yourself. It is not only a way to upgrade your look but also to express your personality. Let’s find out about the aesthetic world and ways you can dress in your own style.

I. What Is Aesthetic Style?

The term “aesthetic style” refers to the appearance or look we can create using clothes and accessories. The way you mix and match many different kinds of clothing items will create many different aesthetic styles. That is the way how we have the “Aesthetic style”. When you learn about aesthetics, you will start to dress in a more fashionable and coordinated way than ever before.

There are many different sub-styles and each style will have its own features. And we use a certain fashion style to express our own personality. Although many of us don’t try to create aesthetic styles, we unintentionally do that every day. And after all, this is definitely an exciting and fun game about beauty and fashion that you should try.


II. How Do You Find Your Personal Aesthetic Style?

You may be eager to start experimenting with new styles now. But where should you start? Which style should you choose to stick to? How could you find your own personal aesthetic style? It is not as difficult as you think.

Of course, you need to decide on a specific fashion style to start and go after. Are there any singer or actress styles that influence your clothes? What celebrity style do you enjoy? What colors of clothes do you usually like to wear every day? It will be very useful to browse Pinterest for up-to-date fashion styles every day. I’m quite sure that you will easily discover what fashion style stands for you among many different aesthetic styles.

III. 13 Most Well-known Aesthetic Styles

There are so many different aesthetic styles, but in this post, we are going to dive into the 13 most well-known ones that you should know about. We will learn the main features of each style as well as how you can dress in that style. This rundown will give you a good basis for understanding other different fashion styles.

i. What is Y2K Aesthetic?

Have you ever watched “Wannabe” by The Spice Girls? The outfit in Wannabe is Y2K style. This aesthetic was influenced by the new era and was born as a protest again the grunge aesthetic style. Y2K is the term for “the year 2000” and refers to the trend from 2000 to 2010. According to many people, the year 2000 marks the start of an entirely new era, especially with the rise of technology. This style is typically quite futuristic with a slightly retro edge. It was inspired by the mid-90s and became popular with the help of the dot-com boom. This aesthetic is radically distinctive and is followed by many people around the world.

Y2K girls always think like futurists, enjoy technology, are energetic, and live with flame hearts. It was colorful, elegant, and exaggerated a little. So, dressing in Y2K is a great way to show off female empowerment because the technological optimism and futuristic looks are clearly reflected in the outfits.


Honestly, it is not easy to become a Y2K girl if you don’t have an interest in technology, 2000s fashion, and futuristic ideas. But if you want to experiment with this fashion style, then a combo of loose-fitting jeans, cute baby tees, and stylish sneakers will be the very basic and easy one that everyone can try.

Some key Y2K clothing items that are always available for a Y2K girl include baby tees, pleated skirts, tie-front tops, velour tracksuits, denim jeans, and translucent and shiny clothing. Typical Y2K accessories in which you must invest are bandanas, butterfly hair clips, and baguette bags. The ideal colors for this fashion style are light blue, light green, pink, and orange.

Still confused? Then a pick-up of shiny outfits will definitely give your look a real touch of Y2K fashion nostalgia.  Another modern choice for you is the tracksuit. There is no Y2K fashion girl that doesn’t have a juicy couture tracksuit in the closet. This item was sported by screen queens of the 2000s, and now it has come back and is trendy again.

The best and last outfit tip I have for you is double denim. You must match flared jeans with crop tops, low-rise bottoms with oversized jackets, and shorts with cut-off vests. Polish off your double denim Y2K outfit with chunky heels, colorful glasses, and a baguette bag.


ii. What is E-Girl Aesthetic

As its name suggests, this fashion trend was born for active internet girls. They spend most of their time online playing online games, broadcasting, and making posts on Instagram and TikTok. E-girl’s aesthetic originated in the 2010s, has a very distinctive style, and came into the mainstream through TikTok.

The term “e-girl” was first used to describe girls in the online gaming world. And today, this term has a wider meaning about fashion sense, makeup, and hairdos in a specific style. You can easily realize an E-girl with pastel dyed hair, dramatic makeup and always wearing winged eyeliner. While grunge style can be easily found on the street, E-girl fashion style is spread on the Internet. And thanks to the rapid development of digital platforms, this “e-girl” aesthetic has developed and become one of the most popular styles among the younger generation.


Do you realize that an E-girl often loves dark tones of style, which is in contrast to the vibrant aesthetic of VSCO girls? So, rule number one is that you should pick the right tones of color for all of your clothing items, accessories, and hairstyles as well when trying this style.

First of all, you must dye your hair neon or pastel tones. Then, you have to learn how to do the right makeup. The makeup style a sexy E-girl puts on is heavy and has exaggerated touches. Dark lipsticks, bold eyeliners, fake freckles with cute drawings beneath the eyes. Dark tones of blue, pink, black, and red are the featured colors of the E-girl style. Exaggerated makeup looks quite good on the camera as well.

Accessories can’t be lacking in an E-girl’s closet because they will look extremely well while broadcasting. So, you need to invest in slogan socks, barbed wire necklaces, silver bracelets, studded chokers, leg harnesses, and skeleton hands hair clips.

You can easily become an E-girl with this basic outfit: crop tops, striped long-sleeve shirts, oversized hoodies, plaid high-waist skirts, pants, combat boots, and chokers. Worn-out graphic tees are also favorite pieces of an E-girl. You can consider choosing an oversized tee so that it can be worn over stripped T-shirts or full-sleeved neon ones. Plaid pleated skirts are the common choice of soft-eyed girls, while others love tight silhouettes with the help of black denim or leather skirts. Skirts make girls look attractive, and pants surely bring comfort. Skinny or baggy, e-girls always wear them with confidence. Remember, leather material will always elevate any outfit to a new level.

If you want to look even more chic, sexy, and outstanding, you must try nets and crops. A classic white or black pair of fishnets is enough for you to make your look different. You can wear fishnets with a skirt, high heels, boots, or even flats.


iii. What is VSCO Girl Aesthetic

The term “VSCO” is actually the name of a photo editing and sharing app with a number of filters that the young use to create their own images which are added poignancy. The desired aesthetic is a colorful and beachy lifestyle in each of their images. Then they will show their pictures to everyone on Pinterest and Instagram.

The spirit of this VSCO aesthetic style is basic. Minimalism is always essential in VSCO fashion. Then, keeping a simple closet and getting rid of unneeded extras is what VSCO girls always do. And the best part here is the way you put everything together. The result of this mix-and-match style game is to bring you stylish, chic, and modern outfits.


Clothing items you need to dress like a real VSCO girl seem to be available always in your wardrobe – denim jeans, denim jackets, baby tees, tube tops, stripped skirts, leggings, large sweaters, cardigans, and a pair of sneakers. Scrunchies and stickers are crucial accessories you must have as well. You also can use other minimal accessories like wireless headsets, round sunglasses, and shell necklaces or chokers to add even more touches to your look. A messy bun is an ideal hairstyle to go with this trend. For a more fabulous upgrade, a mid-range backpack will be a major investment that a VSCO girl will likely make. Using eco-friendly and sustainable products is also the spirit of VSCO fans around the world.

Shorts and an oversized T-shirt will be a great combo for your ultimate summer outfits while wearing leggings or tights with sweater dresses, oversized sweatshirts, or cardigans is how you should style yourself in the winter. For a schoolgirl, nothing can be better than denim jeans, baby tees, and a cropped jacket.

The tip is that you should always choose clothes that are perfectly fitted for you. Picking up unique colors can help to improve your look instantly as well. Don’t be afraid to try different colors to express your personality. Besides colors, a good pair of shoes will be the perfect final addition to complete the rest of your trendy VSCO girl aesthetic.


iv. What is Vintage Aesthetic

Vintage aesthetic clothes are clothing items inspired by fashion and style from the past. The vintage aesthetic has come back and becomes increasingly popular in recent years. There are so many people out there who love to incorporate antique elements into their outfits to create an unforgettable, pretty, and unique appearance. This is a great way to pay homage to the style of days long gone.


It’s critical to find out which generation you really want to bring the style of that era back to. Different eras have different style patterns, and this surely will affect what kind of clothing items you want to have in your wardrobe. But of course, you can mix styles from different decades to create your own styles if you know how to do that.

Some love 90s and 80s fashion styles, while others prefer 70s, 60s, or even 50s styles. For example, if you are trying to create a 70s-inspired appearance, then a flowy maxi dress, wide-leg pants, and a pair of platform shoes will be the right pieces for you to pick up. Choosing the right accessories is also something you should consider. Accessories are not the main part of an outfit, but they could make or break it.

Most of us focus on clothes, but it’s also very important to play around with hairstyles and makeup. A vintage style will complete your look in the greatest way. Similarly, don’t forget to try different shoes. Modern shoes will totally spoil your overall appearance for sure.



v. What is Dark Academia Aesthetic

The Dark Academia aesthetic is mysterious. As its name is called, it sounds like the style in higher education, but actually, it goes beyond books and classrooms. The style is inspired by the Gothic of the 19th century, with dark colors and vintage feels.

The core of this aesthetic stems from the privileged and upper classes during the pre-World War II era. And the staple of dark academia keeps consistent throughout time – button-down shirts, plaid trousers, long coats, tasteful knits, and dress shoes in earthy brown colors, lots of layers, and textures. All emit knowledge, sophistication, and mystery.


Dark Academia is associated with an ancient and ghostly image hidden behind a polite appearance. Therefore, the typical colors for this style are grey, black, brown, dark green, burgundy, and navy blue. Along with these colors are traditional motifs such as checkers and stripes. There are so many kinds of material you can choose from for a dark academic style: wool, leather, velvet, knit, tweed, crepe, tartan, and corduroy.

The classic style combo with which you can experiment includes Oxford shirts, blazers, duffles, tweed trousers, trench coats, and knitted waistcoats. Other items you can try are neutral-colored trousers, cardigans, wide-leg pants, chunky sweaters, collared dresses, blazers, and argyle knits.

A large crossbody bag and stylish boots or leather shoes are the perfect finishing touches to this dark academic outfit. Besides, attaching stones is also a good suggestion to make you more personalized. Pearl accessories are the last secret items to level up the overall outfit.



vi. What is Soft Girl Aesthetic

The soft girl is really a hyperfeminine style that is loved by so many girls around the world. This lovely style is one of the biggest fashion trends on TikTok these days and was inspired by the early 2000s.

You know, being a soft girl is not only about fashion; it’s mostly about attitude. As the name “Soft girl”, a person in this style treats nicely to everyone and has a smile on their face always.

Bright and cute accessories, pastel colors, femininity, and innocence—and here we have the soft girl aesthetic! You can see this style being so popular on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok these days. If you are always enchanted by cute and sweet girl outfits, then this is definitely the style you should follow, and you can start learning about it right away.


If you decide to switch to this style, this will be really a fun and interesting game that you are satisfied with for sure. Firstly, it is very important to wear the right colors. White, pink, blue, green, yellow, light purple and pastel tones are the favorite colors soft girls choose for their outfits. If clothing items in your closet match those colors, you are doing right at the beginning. And if you don’t like plain colors, floral prints and other patterns printed on the clothing items are also really good choices.

Soft girls love to put on natural makeup and have natural hairstyles as well. What you should have in your makeup bag are pink lip glosses, pink blushes, and highlighters. Flower crowns, teddy bears, hair clips, and heart-shaped sunglasses are some items that can usually be found in a soft girl’s wardrobe.

Dresses are surely the most hyper-feminine and delicate pieces you can’t ignore. A floaty dress with sweet prints and pastel colors is the perfect option for you to start with. Finish the rest of your look with chunky white sneakers. Of course, a baguette bag will be a great addition before you go out the door.

In fact, almost all of the soft girl outfits are very simple. A fluffy dress or a combo of oversized jeans and a long-sleeved top or cardigan are very basic outfits you can try. The greatest tip here is a monochrome outfit. Just by wearing an outfit full of pink or white, you will instantly look like a soft girl.


vii. What is Pastel Goth Aesthetic

Pastel goth is a blend of goth, grunge, and kawaii aesthetic styles. Do you feel that it’s time to combine black and pastel tones at the same time? Congratulations! You are in a pastel goth aesthetic already. You can find a lot of Instagram fashionistas and bloggers on social media looking “cute but scary with a dark soul.”


Here is an amazing pastel goth outfit for you: a pastel mini skirt, a black oversized sweatshirt with a spooky pattern, black tights, and heavy shoes. Or you can try this winning combo of ripped tights, a colorful-print knit sweater, platformed combat boots, and a black choker.

Hairstyle and hair color is, probably, going to affect the most on your overall Pastel Goth look. If you have naturally dark hair, bleaching it could be your first step. You can consider the colors salmon red, light turquoise, and flamingo pink for both wavy and straight hairstyles.

A pastel goth girl likes to put on unusual color makeup like black or red velvet lipsticks, bold eyeliner, smokey or dark sparkle eyeshadow, and fake freckles. You can draw bats and the yin-yang symbol to show your pastel goth soul. Flower crowns, round sunglasses, chokers and studded headbands, studded bracelets, lace belts, and butterfly air clips are some typical accessories in which you should invest. Temporary tattoos may work well with this makeup and make you look a totally different way for sure. Don’t forget your nails—paint them with pastel and black colors to match the overall tones of your outfit.


viii. What is Grunge Aesthetic

Breaking the rules, independence, and rebellion are the main features of the grunge style. They love to wear and create their own specific fashion style, which makes them really different from others. The outfit from grunge music concerts for decades in the ‘90s has evolved into this grunge aesthetic that we all love in 2023. It was popularized by bands like Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam.


To be a grunge girl or boy, you must stand up for what you believe in and stay focused on the key grunge values and attitude. Dark style, messy hair, and riots against the world are what grunge follows. They are loyal to a dark look, so moody and gloomy tones with grey, black, silver, dark purple, brown, and red colors are their best choices. If you are a newbie, you could pick up black as a base color and start building up your style from there. The very simple combo you can start with is pairing ripped jeans with chains and a graphic tee.

If you’re into ripped jeans, plaid T-shirts, flared skirts, fishnet tights, combat boots, chokers, and grimy imagery, it’s the right time to embrace this special fashion style. You can easily see that a grunge person will love to have some images of bleeding hearts, skeletons, skulls, locks, and crosses on their clothes. Besides, studded belts, metal chains stud bracelets, and silver ring sets are some other heavy silver and black jewelry accessories that are must-haves in a wardrobe of grunge. Don’t forget oversized pieces as well. Oversized hoodies or trousers are favorite choices for many.

You know, to be a real grunge, you can’t go out without characterized makeup. Dark nails, bold eyeliners, dark-tone matte lipsticks, and heavy mascaras are exactly the look for you to show off the grunge aesthetic attitude, which is meant to say “I don’t care.”


ix. What is Baddie Aesthetic

If you accidentally see a sexy and attractive woman drawing all attention wherever she goes, she’s definitely a baddie. I say so because the baddie aesthetic is for classy, independent, glamorous, and bad girls. Baddie is one of the most popular fashion trends and originated from Instagram and TikTok. It is all about blending streetwear and sporty styles with sexy details for an eye-catching look. Rihanna and the Kardashians are the most famous followers of this fashion trend. Can you notice the flirty look in their Baddie outfits?


Before you try any aesthetic style, you should learn about its spirit and attitude. And confidence is the key for any baddie fan. They are always confident with themselves, with the appearance they bring to the surrounding people. They are also masters at taking good-quality pictures and uploading them on social media.

A baddie will never leave home without putting on makeup. How could you look gorgeous if there was no help from this magic support? Highlighters, thick eyebrows, red or burgundy lipstick, and fake eyelashes are the basics. It is really a mistake if you don’t invest in accessories: oversized sunglasses, golden chains, pink chokers, and butterfly hairclips. These accessories not only make you look glittering but also upgrade your baddie style to a new level. To complete your appearance, mini bags will be helpful.

I swear that you can see many girls on Instagram wearing oversized sweaters and chunky sneakers or oversized tees and cycling shorts to showcase the legs and elongate the silhouette. Cycling shorts are one of the biggest trends on and off the runway that you must try. You know the blend of sporty twist and strong makeup will help to create a sleek feel to any outfit effortlessly.


x. What Is Fairycore Aesthetic

The fairycore aesthetic is about nature and is based on the elf and fairy mythology. Believe it or not, you can feel free, enchanting, and peaceful when putting on these fairy-themed outfits. Fairycore is about dressing up and acting like a fairy and embracing fairy values. To achieve that, wearing light pastel fairy dresses with floral details will make you look like a true guardian of nature.


It is not difficult to dress in a fairy-tale style. Light rouge blush, brownish eyeshadows, creamy peach lipsticks, and glitter eyeliner are ideal for this aesthetic. Go with this style of makeup and fairy-tale hairstyle. The hair must be enchanting and resemble nature, and you should let your hair loose in a natural way. You can make your hair into buns or braids to change your look. To be more associated with fairytale fashion, all pastel hair will be a great choice. Decorating your hair with accessories like butterflies, ribbons, flowers, bows, and beads will even make you look like a real fairy. Elf ears, fairy wings, flowers, gold necklaces, fingerless gloves, and opal rings are some other pieces of jewelry you can try.

Dresses, skirts, and corset vests are some basic items you can start to try. How beautiful it is to see you in a flowy, long dress in white or pink. While corset vests have become extremely popular and really add a nice touch to your overall outfits. The good tip is that you should choose the patterns that have a connection to nature, such as flowers, mushrooms, bunnies, fairies, and more.

Choosing the right color is very important. You have to pick up light colors, like soft pastels. Yellow, blue, green, pink, white, and cream are the best base colors for this fairycore fashion.


xi.   What is Cottagecore Aesthetic

Like the fairycore aesthetic, the cottagecore aesthetic is also related to nature but is not about fairies and elves. This style has a deep relationship with plants and agricultural life. This fashion style makes us think about life in a small cottage with fresh green grass surrounding us.  Then, cottage-style dressing is the way to show off the spirit of romantic and nostalgic style. In the year 2000, this fashion trend swept the social media and fashion worlds. And Taylor Swift’s folklore albums all have strong cottage-style themes that many people adore.


You can start with this simple outfit: long dresses with flower motifs, puffy sleeves, peasant-style blouses, laced corsets, straw bags, and rope sandals. Soft-toned makeup will match your outfits perfectly: pale rose blushes, earthy eyeshadows, fake freckles, and soft-toned lipsticks. This cottage is eco-friendly. This is an important detail. All clothes and accessories you choose should be cruelty-free and sustainable. The best accessories should be handcrafted or DIY, such as straw hats, flower crowns, ribbons, headbands, flower baskets, tote bags, and knitted socks. And florals are the great elegance that all cottage girls want to go for.

You can see many times in the movie that puffy sleeves are very typical items for rural scenes. So picking up billowy blouses and puffy sleeves is a smart choice to create a farm-like feel. Ruffles are also a great part of that era. You will never go wrong with ruffled tops or ruffled dresses. White color will be a perfect incorporation to resemble the elegance even more.

Still find it hard? Then a flowy midi or long prairie dress with light and soft fabric will turn you into a Cottagecore girl with no effort at all.


xii. What is Kawaii Aesthetic

If you are enchanted by childish and pretty stuff as well as like to watch anime, then this kawaii aesthetic is exactly for you. There are millions out there who like cute things like you. This cute kawaii originated in the 1970s and is influenced by Japanese anime and manga. And nowadays it is not only loved by the Japanese but also by people around the world.

One thing you should know about this Kawaii style is that is not only about dressing cute. It is also about your attitude – Kawaii people are always nice to everyone. They love to drink milk tea, smile and giggle often, like watching anime and reading manga and have the hobby of collecting fluffy toys. That is the lifestyle of cuteness that every fan follow.


It is super easy to identify e a kawaii wardrobe because it is surely filled with cute clothing items and accessories. The main purpose of wearing kawaii outfits is to make you look super adorable and innocent. That is the first and only rule you must follow. Then the suitable colors will be pink, white, and blue, and say no to dark-tone colors. Of course, you will like to put on an innocent-look makeup with lip glosses, pink blushes, baby blue eyeshadows, liquid eyeliners, and some powder.

Sweet and cute Kawaii accessories are something you must have to make you a real Kawaii. Phone case with lovely stickers on it, Hello Kitty earrings, pink chokers, massive bows, fluffy handbags, heart-shaped glasses, lace tights, headbands, and accessorized nails is the ideal and right accessories.

Dress adorably as much as you can! Lolita dresses, sweet ruffles, bloomer shorts, suspender skirts, and frills are some basic items for you to prepare. Kawaii girls seem to wear a lot of skirts and dresses every single day. Lolita dresses and suspender skirts are undeniable to bring you a youthful and adorable look feels. And when you look for a dress, choose one that is full of these elements such as ruffles, lace, bows, and frills. You know, these kinds of clothes will surely add femininity and sweetness to your total Kawaii look. Hoodies, T-shirts, and sweatshirts are some of the right tops you need to select. Remember to choose vivid and striking colors like pink, red, and purple.

The secret you should know is that the cutest dresses you must have in your wardrobe are featured with floral patterns. Roses, daisies, and sunflowers are amazing choices for your dresses.


xiii. What is Indie Aesthetic

This fashion style was inspired by the early 2000s. If you are an independent girl and love pale colors and moody tone, Indie aesthetic is definitely your style. Or you can understand that Indie aesthetic is the style of independent people. You can notice that Indie girls are very comfortable with whatever they wear. Expressing yourself and don’t care about other’s opinion are exactly the spirit of this style.

They also love to see vintage photos and listen to independent music genres. Indie girls create their own unique and eye-catching Indie aesthetic outfits with some specific accessories such as bead bracelets and necklaces. They like to wear bead their nails, hang low-quality polaroids on the walls, and possess many CDs as well.


Some suggested Indie clothing items for you to wear are: jeans, band T-shirts, tennis skirts, beanies, leather jackets, and sunglasses. These pieces of Indie-inspired clothing are perfect for you to create an Indie style, for sure. The real fans of Indie can’t lack some oversized jackets or pants in their wardrobe. Wearing them will enhance your stunning look.

An Indie girl will have bright makeup with smoky eyes, glitter eyeliner, naked lipsticks, and sheer rose blushes. If you decide to go after this style, you will need to prepare a lot of accessories because nothing can make you look more stunning than accessories: mini corduroy bags, sunglasses, beaded chain belts, patterned headbands, butterfly hairpins, bucket hats, and beaded necklaces and bracelets. Handmade and antique pieces are awesome things you can buy to make your home even more personalized.

While gold hoop earrings can help make your casual style more attractive, Don’t be afraid to experiment with many accessories to find out which works best for you. You have to think outside the box to create your own unique style. The combination of all of them together will show off strongly the spirit of freedom, independence, creativity, and uniqueness. That is the reason why an Indie girl will get all the attention for sure.

For this style, bold and bright colors are always the first choices. Purple, red, blue, and green is quite common colors that you can notice. These colors are eye-catching and can easily help you express your spirit of freedom even more. Then the monochrome outfit is another idea you must try. It will look very nice when you apply specific filters to it.

After all, you are the creative director of yourself when following an indie girl aesthetic. Buy some stunning pieces and rock them with confidence. Be bold and show off your true colors to all the world through your outfits.


You have explored 13 different aesthetic styles that are loved by millions of fashionistas around the world. Which style inspires you the most? Whatever you choose, I’m sure that you will easily create your own distinctive styles by following our guide.



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