Corset Tops: A Timeless Piece For Your Wardrobe

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Corset Tops: A Timeless Piece for Your Wardrobe

There are so many reasons why corset tops are always women’s first choice. This piece of clothing is so pretty, sexy, and versatile. It’s time for us to discover how to play a fashion game with a corset top.

I. Why a corset top is a timeless piece you should have in your wardrobe

I’m sure that you can notice corset tops appearing all over the street, on Instagram feeds, and on fashion highways. This item debuted in the 1500s in Europe and has been on the fashion scene for years until now. Wearing this piece always brings a sense of charm and attractiveness.

Wearing it will inform your posture, change the way you move, and change the way you walk. It will make you look thinner with a smaller waist. You can’t slouch while wearing a corset. Moreover, you can wear a corset top with almost any other piece of clothing in your wardrobe.


II. How to choose your ideal corset

There are two main types of corsets: overbust and underbust. The underbust corset can only be worn over clothing and comes in many different designs such as a cincher, longline, waspie, etc.

Otherwise, overbust corsets are the favorite. Choosing an overbust is the greatest way to show off your gorgeous cleavage.

III. 9 amazing ways to style a corset top

This staple is more versatile than you may think. If you don’t know how to wear a corset, you are in the right place.

i. Pair it with jeans.

Jeans can be paired and look great with everything, including corset tops. A pair of wide-leg jeans will go better with a corset than slim-fit ones. High-rise or mid-rise pants are extremely suitable with corsets. Ripped jeans or ripped pieces of the denim will surely bring you a stunning look that will catch the eyes of anyone. This is the magic combo for you: a floral corset or strapless corset top, low-rise ripped jeans, and a leather jacket layered out. Try out a pair of sneakers for a playful daytime look and strapped heels for the evening.


ii. Pair it with tees.

Many people like to wear the combo of bike shorts and a big tee for the weekend. Want to upgrade your look and make it different? Then wear a corset (a black corset top is the best), layer out your tee, and you will look stunning right away. It’s really a cool way to look at this chic outfit.

iii. Pair it with a skirt.

Mini skirts and corset tops are always a powerful fashion duo. Here are the best style combo for you: a corset top, a mini skirt, and a pair of knee-high boots. This is an excellent outfit for going out, especially for dating. This is your chance to show off your bare legs. You also can pair it with a pair of tights in case you want to hide your legs and keep them warm.

iv. Pair it with shorts.

Do you know that a corset can be paired perfectly with shorts? The classic and perfect style combo you must try is the combination of shorts, a floral corset, an oversized jacket, and knee-high boots. You will look extra stylish, chic, and outstanding when adding some accessories, such as mini bags, belts, and chokers.


v. Pair it with a dress.

A flowy maxi dress or bodycon dress is a perfect piece that can go well with your corset. Want to have a classic flair, then layering a corset over a T-shirt dress and cover it with a blazer outside. Wearing a corset instead of a belt is a smart way to instantly create a beautiful hourglass shape.

Another great piece every woman love is a corset long dress. It not only looks gorgeous but also can make you look so sexy and attractive.

vi. Pair it with joggers.

Some baggy cargo will be your best choice to give you the look of an old-school pop star. A black corset top or a white corset top may be the best choice for you.

vii. Pair it with a button-down shirt.

If you want to have a classic look, you can wear a leather corset over an oversized white button-down shirt. Then, style this outfit with thigh-high boots and leather pants to make it into a mini-dress.

So, what would you pair with your corset tops for a playful night out tonight? Whatever you pick up will surely bring you a good experience and a happy time.

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