Cottagecore Outfits: The Perfect Look For A Rustic Charm


Cottagecore Outfits: The Perfect Look for a Rustic Charm

The Cottagecore aesthetic is one of the hottest trends in 2023 and is also famous on TikTok. Let’s discover more about this special fashion style.

I. What is the Cottagecore aesthetic?

Cottagecore fashion is a combination of 18th-century, Victorian, and early 20th-century fashion elements. Just imagine you are in a cottage dreamscape: a cute cottage surrounded by beautiful nature, read a book outside, bake loaves of bread, drink a cup of hot tea, and dress in a rustic floral fluffy long white dress. Yes. That is exactly what I want to tell you about this fashion trend. Taylor Swift is iconic and has a very strong influence on this cottage aesthetic.

Cottagecore outfits are mostly soft, dreamy, and whimsical. Those outfits are inspired by vintage looks, cozy vibes, and a slow, peaceful life. Are you enchanted by a beautiful soft midi dress with puffy sleeves or a sweater with floral embroidery on the front? You are in the right place. Keep scrolling to find out more about Cottagecore style.


II. How to dress the Cottagecore aesthetic in 2023

This Cottagecore style follows simple rules. So it is easy for you to add some Cottagecore clothes to your wardrobe. Dress in Cottagecore outfits, go out there and embrace nature. Wander in a local park or visit a farm – How wonderful it is to blend in the Cottagecore spirit.

Since this fashion style has such a natural aesthetic, minimal makeup will be a must. Just with some blush, mascara, and gloss, you still will shine under the sunshine.

You should have six categories of cottage clothing in your wardrobe, as listed below:

i. Beautiful Cottage dresses

The very first piece of cottage clothing you must have in your closet is Cottagecore dress. Flowy, floaty, and billowy blouse dresses are always a favorite choice. The ideal color for Cottagecore outfits should be related to nature, such as baby blue, rose pink, light yellow, brown, olive green, maroon, and beige.

Of course, you can’t ignore the typical village patterns on your Cottagecore dress: florals, stripes, paisley, gingham, plants, and insects.

I really wanted to dress in a beautiful floral lace-up corset mini dress. This is really a dreamy and sexy Cottagecore dress that you must try out at least once. Wearing this piece will make you the urge to walk in a flower field and enjoy the beauty of nature. Want to be sexier? Then shoulder-off dresses will do their jobs.

Another piece of Cottagecore clothing that makes you look stunning is a Victorian or Edward-inspired dress. Trust me. Wear it, and you will look like one of the girls in “Picnic at Hanging Rock.”


ii. Rustic cottage overalls

How many times have you seen an overall appearing in a rural life scene? A floral overall is also an amazing piece of Cottagecore clothing you should have. I think this piece brings the most feel of rural life to anyone who wears it. This style is extremely suitable for spending time in the garden. Add a straw hat and a Moroccan straw bag, and voila! A new you!

A classic overall or apron dress is made of dungaree which surely brings the breezy summer sensibility as well as a feminine appearance.

This piece is easy to wear and very chic. You can pair an overall with relaxed tops such as a basic tank top, graphic t-shirt, long-sleeve t-shirt, crop top, sweater, and blouse. You can complete the rest of your look with thick-heeled boots and sneakers.

Classic denim overalls are the best option because they can go perfectly with any other piece. You should consider picking up ones with wildflowers, bugs, insects, or printed patterns. If you are good with needles, why don’t you add some embroidery stitches or patches to your overalls to personalize them?


iii. Lovely cottage tops

The very first suggestion I have for you here is puff-sleeve blouses. Pairing them with maxi dresses or pinafore dresses will create a really soft and delicate silhouette. You can’t go wrong with these Cottagecore outfits for sure.

If you want to look more simple, then a simple retro floral embroidery V-neck blouse will be a better choice. Just simply match it with a classy pair of jeans, and you are ready to go on the town.

The next amazing choice for you is a printed corset top. A piece with floral and rustic scenery print is an ideal choice to reappear this charming Cottagecore fashion trend.

A gingham lace-up corset top with a yellow and white gingham print is another great pick-up. You can pair it with wide-leg denim or a ruffled skirt for the perfect Cottagecore look.

Next, floral embroidered knit sweaters are some Cottagecore clothes must-haves in your wardrobe. This piece of Cottagecore clothing is simple but elegant and surely has a sweet and girlish feel.


iv. Chic cottage bottoms

I will call the name “Gingham midi skirt” – the key piece for a Cottagecore dress. An airy linen gingham skirt with decorative buttons will turn you into a girl with rustic charm and feel. You can wear this combo with clogs. You know, clogs are the shoes of the Cottagecore movement. They not only help to protect your feet from muddy fields but also look extra great in the countryside. What else do you expect more of? And for a more modern look, a pair of sneakers or sandals will be great choices.

Maxi skirts are amazing clothes for Cottagecore style that will never let you down. Match them with different blouses, and you are a real cottage girl now. The white and cream colors are the best choice to show off your feminine and sweet look. A pair of delicate flats is a perfect finishing touch to your overall appearance.


v. Pretty cottage layers

Add layers to your cottage. Core style is really an art. It would help if you did it correctly to ensure that all pieces can be looked at well together. Every piece such as knitwear, especially crochet will bring the most feel of rural.

Oversized pieces are always great to create perfect Cottagecore outfits. You can lay out your mini skirts with an oversized Cottagecore sweater; or wear a long-sleeved floral shirt outside a tunic dress.

A knitted cardigan with decorative buttons in front will do its job.


vi. Cottage accessories

You cannot lack accessories in this style. Cottage accessories are simple and artisanal but also very chic. So, you should browse and find some floral socks, knitted hats, straw bags, a scarf, macrame bracelets, resin hair clips, and other hand-crafted jewelry.

All of the above, straw hats have made them famous for truth. You can match them with many other pieces of clothing, such as overalls or skirts. The most popular colors you should choose are brown, tan, and white because they can match almost everything else.

Hair ribbons are always the best options to add some Cottagecore vibes to your daily wear. An iconic accessory you see so many times in cottage scenes are straw sun hats. They are super suitable to wear on a cool summer day.

You can take time to make your own accessories, such as dried-flower necklaces, custom resin earrings, daisy crowns, hand-crafted pins, a kerchief, or a headscarf. They not only add some personality but also elevate your overall look.


You have read our guidelines from head to toe. It’s really awesome! Why don’t you try on some Cottagecore clothes right now?

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