Dark Academia Aesthetic: The Latest Trends in Mysterious Fashion

Dark Academia Aesthetic: The Latest Trends in Mysterious Fashion

Dark Academia Aesthetic: The Latest Trends in Mysterious Fashion

Dark Academia: A Complete Guide for a Mysterious and Intellectual Academia Aesthetic

Academia is part of the society involved with universities. It means that it is connected with the activities of studying and thinking. Then this dark academia fashion symbolizes vintage looks, classic literature, the desire to learn, the passion for reading, and exploring new truths. For easy understanding, this fashion trend is a great blend of prep school fashion with a gothic twist and brings the feel of a vintage, refined, and preppy look.

The dark aesthetic of academia is beautiful in its own way. Now, it is raging in popularity on many social media sites such as TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. You can easily recognize a dark academic in moody and dark shades of outfits.

Build your dark academic wardrobe

If you are really passionate about this dark academia fashion, then it’s time for you to shop and add some new dark academia clothes to your wardrobe. Below are key pieces that you’ll need to nail down your dark academia outfits.

Select all in dull and mute tones.

White, black, grey, brown, forest green, dark orange, and other neutral shades are what you should pick up for your dark academia clothes. This is the very first and most important part to bring the true feel of dark academia to your look. Sure, you can’t have pops of color here. The check pattern is also a great characteristic for you to recognize a dark academic aesthetics.

Mix and match tops and bottoms.

What do I mean? Prepare many tops to pair with multiple bottoms. That is the way academies do it. Try to incorporate various textures with your clothing items to create an even more stunning look.

Dark Academia Aesthetic: The Latest Trends in Mysterious Fashion

For the tops: button-up tops, collared shirts, blouses, sweaters, knit vests, turtlenecks, long-sleeved shirts

All of the above aside, lace-detailed blouses are the biggest choice. They really help to give you a feminine and prestigious look. You also can easily pair them with other outerwear such as a blazer or soft cardigan to add more layers to your whole look.

Shirts are iconic items that you can see in every film of dark academic aesthetics. And white shirts are must-haves. No matter how you would like your shirt to look, such as frilly or button-down, this piece is still timeless and can be paired with many different fashion styles.

The next name I call is the turtleneck. You know, it is the perfect option, etc. for layering your dark academia outfits. You can combine a turtleneck with cardigans, sweaters, flannel shirts… Cream and beige tones are the colors you should choose for your turtleneck to show off the aesthetic of dark academia best.

You also can’t have enough button-ups in your closet because they look rich and formal. You can wear it beneath a blazer or wear it open over a turtleneck.

For the bottoms: pants (dress pants, tweed pants), skirts, and shorts

Remember to pick them up in all dark colors to reflect the gloomy and intellectual look of dark academia aesthetic. Amongst them, shorts are the greatest academic-style clothing items to help you escape the heat of the summer. To lift up your look, a pair of linen shorts in beige or cream tones will be your best choice.

If you want to dress in pants today, then tweed pants are the perfect option to create a smart outfit. Indeed, they can be combined with any other dark academia clothes.

To look more feminine and prestigious in dark academia style, you can try on a combo of a midi A-line skirt and a blouse or turtleneck sweater.

Dark Academia Aesthetic: The Latest Trends in Mysterious Fashion

Layering is the key to a dark aesthetic in academia fashion

It’s time to prepare for some great and sophisticated outerwear. Seriously, a blazer is a staple of the dark academia fashion you must have in your wardrobe to create the best layering. Besides blazers, you can try on cozy cardigans, stylish jackets, and trench coats.

Talking about blazers, I suggest you prepare a stylish tweed blazer. Even if you wear it fitted or oversized, it is all perfect. And you know, you can style tweed blazers in myriad ways.

In the cold days of winter, nothing can be better than wood coats. You can choose a full-length or midi coat depending on your habit. Brown and black are the two most popular colors you often see in dark academic films and TV shows.

Shoes to go with dark academia

Shoes are always an important part of any fashion aesthetic. You can’t wear sneakers or high heels if you follow dark academia aesthetic. And Oxfords are the most iconic shoe styles of dark academia. Oxfords are a kind of classic shoe featuring a closed lacing system. Wearing a pair of Oxfords will give you a formal, elegant, and noble look.

Another popular shoe-in-the-dark aesthetic is the loafer. Penny loafers are the best choice because they are both stylish and versatile, as well as comfortable.

You also can notice Brogues are another classic shoe style appearing in dark academic films. They are characterized by their perforated decorative patterns. They will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the rest of your overall look, for sure.

If you love to wear boots, then we have Chelsea boots. This kind of shoe was first popularized in the 1960s. I really love these boots because they are easy to slip off and on. It is a perfect pickup to add an edgier touch to dark academia outfits.

Besides the above shoes, you can try on Dr. Martens or Mary Janes. The best color choices for you are black and brown because they can match well with almost every outfit. In case you are wearing a skirt, ankle boots will surely add a touch to your dark academia style.

Dark Academia Aesthetic: The Latest Trends in Mysterious Fashion

Popular accessories of dark academia

They include briefcases, neckties, leather messenger bags, berets, hair bows, hair bands, leather belts, round watches, and classic jewelry. They are all minimal accessories but will make you look sophisticated and elegant as well.

Hair and makeup trend in Dark Academia aesthetic

About your hair, keeping it natural is the best thing you can do. But if you want to draw attention to your hair, you can dye it, but make sure to use dark colors. Don’t forget to decorate your hair with pearl clips or bobby pins. Braids or low buns are two great hairstyles you can try to find your way in dark academia fashion.

About makeup, earth, and nude tones are exactly what you can put on. The most crucial part of dark academic makeup is using winged eyeliner. Fake freckles are also great tips to make you look natural and eye-catching.

Dark Academia Aesthetic: The Latest Trends in Mysterious Fashion

Some dark academic outfit ideas for you to try on

Below are some outfit ideas that are bold in academia fashion. Let’s jump into them and see if you can rock dark academia aesthetic.

  • Outfit #1: shirts + plaid wood skirts + black tights underneath + loafers
  • Outfit #2: sweaters + pants + black boots + beanies
  • Outfit #3: shirts + straight-leg pants + trench coat + Mary Janes + hairband
  • Outfit #4: knit sweaters + plaid skirts + Oxfords + vintage backpack
  • Outfit #5: oversized sweaters + high-waisted corduroy pants + Oxfords + cloth bag
  • Outfit #6: button-down shirt + checked trousers + loafers + tweed blazer
  • Outfit #7: turtleneck + mid-length skirt + tweed blazer + Chelsea boots
  • Outfit #8: white shirt + chunky sweater + plaid trousers + brogues
  • Outfit #9: white or blue button-down + tailor pants + cardigan + Chelsea boots or loafers
  • Outfit #10: linen shirt + plaid skirts + black tights underneath + light cardigan + boots

Dark academic style is not very suitable for the summer. But the problem can be solved easily if you choose linen fabrics for these hot days. You should pick up the most breathable and lightest fabrics, such as chiffon and cotton. You can lighten up your look in the summer by combining white and neutral or brown colors, or any faded tones will be fine. A brown and gold belt is an absolutely perfect accessory you can add to complete your outfit.

Now, which outfit above can you try on right now? It is not difficult to dress in dark academic aesthetic. All you need to do is change your mind to accept and welcome this mysterious and specific fashion style.

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