E-Girl Style: The Latest Trends In Digital Fashion

E-Girl Style The Latest Trends In Digital Fashion

E-girl Style: The Latest Trends in Digital Fashion

Browse TikTok, and I’m sure you’ll notice that the E-girl style is one of the biggest trends online now. This is the era of the electronic girl, who dresses in super stylish and chic outfits and is always ready to be on camera. Now, let’s discover this online fashion trend right away.

I. What do you know about the E-girl style?

The term “E-girl” emerged in the early 2010s and derives from “electronic girls,”  who existed mostly on the Internet. They spend a lot of time online and use platforms such as Instagram, Discord, Twitch, and TikTok, the most important app that creates many famous online personas.

People say that sexy E-girls have characteristics from video games, anime, memes, bold makeup, and colored hair.

II. Essential accessories and critical clothing items an E-girl must have

Accessories can’t lack in any E-girl outfits. You must invest in some must-have accessories before dressing in an E-girl aesthetic:

  • Fishnet tights
  • Silver Jewelry
  • Butterfly hairclips
  • Beanies
  • Choker necklace
  • Platform sneakers
  • Chunky boots
  • Belt chains
  • Corset belts



Now, let’s find out what kinds of clothes E-girls must have in their closet:

  • Plait skirts or high-waist skirts
  • Crop tops
  • Oversized T-shirts
  • Long-sleeve shirts
  • Pop-colored pants

III. Cool E-girl outfit ideas you must try on

With our ultimate guide below, I’m sure you can dress in E-girl style effortlessly.  Then, all you have to do is “copy” these E-girl outfits and see how stunning you will look.

i. Plait skirts and crop tops

This is really the symbol of E-girl fashion. Colorful plait skirts paired with cute crop tops, layer over a leather or denim jacket and you are almost there! Jump into a pair of chunky sneakers, put on fishnet tights, and a choker necklace, and you are looking like a real E-girl right now.


ii. Crop tops and pants or jeans

An E-girl will never ignore this style combo. An easy crop top, knee-ripped jeans, combat boots, fishnet tights, jackets, chokers, chunky belt, and a pair of colorful sunglasses – a very basic and stunning E-aesthetic outfit that you will never go wrong.

Those pieces of clothing are available in your wardrobe, right?

You also need to consider changing the color of your hair to get more style points. Do you still remember the character Ramona Flowers, one of the best examples of a hot online e-girl? She said that she changed her hair “every week and a half.”

iii. Long-sleeve shirts or jumpers and jeans

I beg that you see a hot E-girl wear this kind of style once more. Opt to choose a long-sleeve or a light orange or yellow striped jumper. The best choice for bottoms is a pair of high-waist jeans or sneakers.

iv. Oversized T-shirts & mom jeans

Wanna wear something really comfy and insanely cute? Matching an oversized T-shirt with mom jeans or denim will keep you looking fresh all the time.

v. Pop color trousers & crop top or sleeve bodysuit

First of all, the colors sapphire blue, neon green, and fire engine red should be your first picks because these colors will make E-girl outfits look extremely fantastic. The best option is high-waist trousers to create the feel of longer legs and an hourglass silhouette. How about the tops? Crop tops, long-sleeve bodysuits, or rollnecks—all will make you a hot E-girl.


vi. Sexy mini dress

Lift up your E-girl aesthetic right now with a mini dress. There are a lot of colors you can choose from, but black will never let you down, and every E-girl will approve. Sexy E-girls always have some sexy mini dresses in their closet, especially black satin ones because they catch the camera very well.

Another choice is a shiny party mini dress if you want to be outstanding even more.

IV. Final cool tips to turn you into a real E-girl

Learning to become an E-girl will be very interesting and fun. Always remember to style your game to a new level with suggested accessories. It’s an amazing way to add an extra layer to your E-girl aesthetic. Belt chains, chunky belts, and choker necklaces are the top 3 that must be always available in your wardrobe.

You can follow the cute and feminine aspects of this style or its darker side. It’s up to you.


Your hair can’t look so simple. It’s true. Then answer my question: “Are you brave enough to try on the latest hair trend of E-girl fashion on TikTok?” You know, they are always willing to experiment without fear. And one thing you must try if you want to become a hot E-girl is to dye your hair. Some cool suggestions for you to change your hair into an E-girl style:

  • Chunky highlights: easy one to try, right? Highlight the front section of your hair so that it can create a contrasting look to the rest. Don’t be afraid to try on pop colors like white, pink, orange, or neon green.
  • Two-tone streaks: a higher level for you to try One shade is not enough, then two! How about orange on one side and green on the other?
  • Two-tone hair: this is what E-girl will do.
  • Colored bangs: A half-light, half-dark hairstyle always makes a statement. I mean, you can see a lot of sexy E-girls on TikTok with black and blonde hair. Cut your bangs about ¼ inch about your brows and dye them.
  • Final trial for you: if you still are not ready for a chunky hairstyle, then try butterfly hair clips. These cute hair accessories will surely add a feel of E-girl style A long, straight hairstyle with cute butterfly clips will do their jobs.



You can’t be an E-girl without makeup. Each E-girl has her own personal makeup style, but the most common staple is sharp winged eyeliner paired with faux lashes and soft pastel eye shades.

Another staple is to only put blush on the apples of the cheeks; E-girls don’t do that. They typically apply pink blush all over the cheekbones as well as on the bridge of the nose to create an anime look. Add some gemstones and fake freckles; these are always good ideas to make your overall look super eye-catching and stunning.

Care about your lips, it’s time for you to try on new colors which are extra impressive and wild – black lips, dark purple lips, orange lips – You can try anything you want.

Trust me! The results of this “e-girl fashion” game will never let you down. New style, new you, new life!

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