Preppy & Polished: A Guide to the Preppy Aesthetic

Preppy & Polished: A Guide to the Preppy Aesthetic

Preppy & Polished: A Guide to the Preppy Aesthetic

Have you ever heard about the preppy aesthetic? If not, it’s time for you to explore the new fashion style that inspires so many fashionistas. Today’s post is a guide to driving you into aesthetic preppy with cool preppy outfit ideas.

What is preppy fashion?

This fashion style originated in the late 1950s and get high popularity in the 1960s. The preppy aesthetic was inspired by what the upper-class preppy school teens were wearing for attending Ivy League schools. Ambitious, luxurious, and classy are some beautiful words I can use to describe a preppy outfit.

If you have an interest in this preppy girl aesthetic, I will help you dress in an aesthetic preppy but with a modern look rather than the original version.

How to prepare your preppy-aesthetic wardrobe – Essential pieces you must have to style in preppy aesthetics

1. Button-downs: The iconic staple of preppy aesthetic

You should have at least 2 or 3 pieces white shirts in your closet. A white shirt is a very basic item that is easy to pair with every other piece of your outfit. Of course, you can pick up other colors as you like, but neutral colors will be the best.

2. Blazer is a mustPreppy & Polished: A Guide to the Preppy Aesthetic

Nothing can make you look chic, fashionable, and classy more than a blazer. It should be a tailored blazer that will help you get the highest style point for sure. You just need to have one in black and one in white to combine with all other kinds of clothing items and colors. An oversized blazer is a good choice to help create a more modern and chic look than ever.

3. Jackets: A versatile item you must have for no reason

A jacket can go well with everything. In case you don’t like blazers or want a switch for the day, a jacket is the next best option after the blazer.

4. Knitted sweaters

Prepare a couple of stylish sweaters in neutral colors such as cream, black, white, navy blue, or grey. You can choose a V-neck, round-neck, plaid, or one with a pattern depending on your habits.

5. Cardigans, trench coats, and sweater vests—layering is the tip

Sure. You can’t lack these pieces to help add a modern touch to your look with amazing layering.

6. Plaid skirts or plaid pleated skirts

No doubt. These kinds of skirts will give you a school look. They are my favorites because they are so easy to wear and pair. Don’t you like plaid? Then a skirt in muted gray is great. Not into pleated? Then try a simple khaki skirt.

Preppy & Polished: A Guide to the Preppy Aesthetic

7. Khakis, jeans, and trousers

A sturdy and chic pair of trousers or khakis will allow you to move around comfortably and have a preppy look as well.

8. Footwear: Mary Janes are the staple; loafers are another perfect option.

A simple black pair of Mary Janes is perfect enough. This is what girls at that time wore to school. To look more trendy, you can choose a pair of Mary Janes with a slight heel. And if you don’t like to put on Mary Janes, loafers are what I suggest you pick up. You can choose loafers with chunky silhouettes to edge up your preppy girl aesthetic.

Otherwise, a pair of simple black boots will be a good alternative for you.

9. Accessories: pearl necklaces, bow ties, handbags, ribbons, tights, socks, and headbands.

You can’t style perfectly in aesthetic preppy without putting on some accessories. Don’t forget to buy some tights or socks because they are very popular items to go with skirts. Monogrammed tights and knee-high socks are exactly what you should have in your closet. A preppy necklace is also a great addition that makes you “preppy” even more.

10. Plaid & Polka-Dot Patterns – The preppy aesthetic style staple

An easy way to add a touch of preppy aesthetic is that choose clothes with patterns of plaid and polka dots. You can start by putting on a plaid coat, a plaid skirt, or a polka-dot turtleneck.

Preppy & Polished: A Guide to the Preppy Aesthetic

Now, it’s time to combine everything together – Cool preppy outfit ideas for you

You have everything you need in your wardrobe, right? Then, let’s start the clothes mix-and-match games right away! Are you ready to explore our preppy outfit ideas?

#1: Cute look: pleated skirt + white T-shirt + blazer + socks + heeled loafers

This is a very cute and traditional preppy outfit that schoolgirls at that time would usually wear. A plaid skirt will be best. Heel loafers with white socks inside are really a perfect pairing to make you look cute and stunning. Layer over a tailored blazer, and you look like a real preppy girl now!

On cold days, instead of wearing socks, you can try on black tights.

In case you don’t like plaid patterns, then you can try a plain pleated skirt and a matching blazer. A white turtleneck is the best piece to be tucked into your skirt. For a modern look, you can try on a black pair of knee-high boots. Combine everything together with a stylish necklace and a chic matching handbag.

Instead of picking up a pleated skirt, you can wear a mini skirt with plaid patterns. And you can replace black tights with fishnet tights to achieve a modern preppy look.

#2: A Professional & Chic Look: Khakis + Sweater + Blazer

Beige color is the greatest option to bring the feel of luxury and fashion. You will love to layer a black blazer over a sweater. To complete your outfit, add stylish sunglasses and a dark beige handbag.

#3: Modern preppy look: knit turtleneck sweater + skinny jeans + trench coat + loafers + plaid scarf

I suggest you pick up dark-colored jeans to go with a white or cream turtleneck sweater. Then layering over a brown trench coat, finish your look with a pair of black loafers. If you want to look more stunning, a black pair of knee-high boots will be accepted. Don’t forget to put on a beautiful plaid scarf to add some style points to your look.

Preppy & Polished: A Guide to the Preppy Aesthetic

#4: Stylish look: pleated midi skirt + V-neck sweater + jacket + black knee-high boots

You should choose a skirt in dark colors, such as dark blue, and a matching jacket. Then, a sweater in a light color like white or cream will be the perfect choice to embrace your overall look. To add more feel of a preppy, a pearl strand or ribbon on your hair will be a perfect choice.

#5: Pop-color look: trousers + long-sleeve sweater + shirt + loafers

Wanna look more colorful and eye-catching? Then, add some pop colors. I can wear a pair of beige pants, and a long-sleeve white shirt, and layer over it with a long-sleeve round-neck sweater in yellow, green, red, or blue. Complete your preppy outfit with a pair of black loafers and see how chic you turn out.

#6: Cool look: shorts + long-sleeve sweater + preppy necklace

This outfit is perfect for summer days. You will love to wear a bold yellow long-sleeve sweater and pair it with contrast cotton shorts. Don’t forget to add a beautiful preppy necklace to even further emphasize your preppy style.

If you find a long-sleeve sweater boring, then you can style a long-sleeve shirt and layer a sleeveless knitted sweater over it.

I’m sure that you know how to achieve the preppy aesthetic right now. It’s time to add some new clothing items to your wardrobe and try on a chic preppy girl aesthetic outfit for your next outing.

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