The Ephemeral Window of Change

Once your desires are whispered into our system, they begin their dance of becoming. Yet, in the first two hours, as the ink is still wet, you may freely alter or erase them for compelling reasons. Beyond this fleeting window, a shadow of 30% clings to the order, for it has already begun its journey in our realm.

Beyond this window, the dance is irreversible, and we cannot freely alter its course. But fear not, for if the dance ends prematurely, we shall return your offerings through the same path they came, within a day’s turn.

The Dance of Return & Transformation

Each item, like a memory, must be fresh, untouched, still bearing its name. Within a fortnight of its arrival, it may be sent back if it:

  • Echoes a different tale than promised.
  • Bears scars or blemishes.
  • Is a result of our own missteps.

However, if the dance was chosen with eyes wide open, especially when the rhythm and size were clearly sung, or if the heart simply changes its tune, we cannot welcome it back.

If questions cloud your mind, or if the dance feels amiss, reach out to the guardians at [email protected]. Once you’ve heard our song, wrap your items in their original embrace.

Upon their return, within five sunrises, we shall examine their tale. If the dance aligns, your offerings will find their way back to you, though the journey might span 10 to 15 moon rises, depending on your bank’s own rhythm.

Conditions of the Return Dance

Sales items, like fleeting moments, cannot be recaptured. Each returning item must be as pristine as a fresh snowfall, untouched by time or intent. For reasons of purity, accessories, unless marred, cannot be returned.

Reach out within a fortnight of receiving your treasures. Beyond this, the dance might not find its rhythm. Items must be as they were, untouched, unaltered, still singing their original song.

Only upon their return and our embrace can we begin a new dance or return your offerings. From the moment you send them back, allow two to three weeks for the dance to find its new rhythm. We’ll sing to you once the dance has found its course.

Items marked as eternal memories or gifted freely cannot retrace their steps. The original journey’s cost remains with us.

Without our song, without our rhythm, items that return are lost in the dance. The journey back must be sung by you.

To begin the dance anew or to find clarity, reach out to the guardians at [email protected]. But remember, the address whispered on the package is not where the dance begins. Sending there will only muddle the rhythm.

The Song of Refunds

Proof of our dance is required. Once you’ve sung your song and shared your tale, we shall ponder its notes. Within two to three sunrises, we’ll echo back, either in harmony or dissonance. If our songs align, the offerings will flow back to you within three to five sunrises.

Yet, every dance has its cost, and 5% of our shared rhythm remains with us, for it is the song of the dance itself.

May your heart find joy in our shared rhythm,

Whisper to us at: [email protected].