The Chronology of Waiting

Time’s Equation: The span of contemplation + The journey of the object.

Lands Beyond Our Reach

In the vast tapestry of the world, there are lands to which our threads do not extend. We do not weave our tales into the South American territories: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

The Anatomy of Preparation

Each product, like a budding thought, undergoes its own period of gestation. It’s a dance of scrutiny, of ensuring perfection, and of the whims of the universe.

What does this dance entail?

From the moment your desires reach us, we cradle them, examining every facet, every detail, ensuring they shine as you’d wish. This embrace, this preparation, often lasts 3-7 cycles of the moon’s rise. Yet, the cosmos, in its unpredictability—be it the pulse of the seasons or the ebb and flow of demand—might extend this dance.

Should your heart’s desire be among those highly sought, the dance might stretch to 5-10 moon cycles. We seek your understanding, your patience, in these times of delay.

To alter the rhythm or step away from the dance, reach out, and we shall respond in a day’s turn.

The Journey’s Duration

For those close, within the embrace of the United States, the journey spans 7-10 days, at the cost of $4.99. For those beyond, in lands distant and diverse, the voyage might stretch from 8-20 days, with a toll of $5.99.

Remember, the clock starts not from the whisper of desire but from the moment of departure. And sometimes, the universe, with its myriad mysteries, might extend the journey.

On Duties and Dues

Within the United States, the journey bears no additional weight. Yet, beyond, where our partners reach out from distant shores, the customs of the land might ask for their due. Seek wisdom from your local guardians for clarity.

In the vast tapestry of orders, sometimes threads might travel separately, reaching you in different moments. Each journey will sing its own song. For clarity, for understanding, reach out to the guardians at [email protected].