Step into Dark Academia: Outfits Inspired by the Intriguing Aesthetic

Step into Dark Academia: Outfits Inspired by the Intriguing Aesthetic

Dark Academia: A Special Aesthetic Inspiring Fashionistas Around the World

This unique fashion aesthetic was inspired by the outfits found in Ivy League or Oxbridge universities from the mid-19th century. It is not only about the clothing but also the spirit of the wearer. The Dark Academia aesthetic is derived from the romanticization and thirst for knowledge, arts, classical studies, and literature. We call it “dark academia” because it began on the darker side of scholarly references like dark libraries and museums.

You can easily notice this fashion style through its outfits: plaid trousers and button-down shirts in layers of neutral hues like black, brown, and beige. Harry Potter characters are very good examples of this fashion trend.

Create Your Dark Academia Wardrobe with These Staples

Each fashion style has its own staples. Let’s find out what the staples of dark academia aesthetic are so that you can add some to your wardrobe.

You can’t look good in “dark academia style” without these pieces, for sure. Besides, luxury fabrics work very well with this unique aesthetic—wool, linen, and Egyptian cotton are what I suggest you pick up. You also must have plaids in your dark academia clothes. This feature was used a lot in most school uniforms.

Another great choice for you is clothing with gingham patterns. A black-and-white gingham design will always strike the perfect balance. Then, off-white ginghams with a yellow tint will recall the time when you were sitting by the window with a coffee-stained book.

Step into Dark Academia: Outfits Inspired by the Intriguing Aesthetic

Plaid pleated skirts: short, midi, or full-length. Skirts are the most versatile piece that can provide both modest and bold looks. Knee-high button-down skirts are also iconic items in this aesthetic.

  • Plaid dresses
  • Plaid pants
  • Trousers: plain or checked
  • Turtlenecks: A super easy way to polish your look effortlessly
  • Flannels are totally comfortable for dressing at the weekend or in the summer.
  • Blazers: fitted or oversized are both perfect and you can style them in hundred ways. They will go well with a turtleneck, button-down shirt, or knitted sweater. The blazers should be made of tweed, which is heavy-duty and can last for a long time. You definitely should have at least three blazers in different colors and prints so that you can mix and match them to create many different outfits.
  • Sweater vests: This is a new and trendy piece for 2021 and goes extra perfectly with the dark academia style.
  • Knit sweaters
  • Trench coats: layering is almost a requirement in dark academia fashion.
  • Button-down shirts: the white shirt is a must. Frilly blouses are also a perfect choice.
  • Knee-high socks
  • Shoes: Mary Janes, Oxfords, Doc Martens For modern alternatives, you can choose ballet flats, boots, or loafers in black, brown, or tan colors.
  • Bags: Leather and tote bags are highly recommended.

Step into Dark Academia: Outfits Inspired by the Intriguing Aesthetic

Dark Academia Outfits Ideas for You

The key to creating perfect dark academia outfits is the layering and color palette you choose. The best way you can do this is to stick to darker shades for the bottom. Then, it will be easy for you to mix with dark or light tops such as shirts, coats, and other accessories.

Now, you have all that you need to style yourself in dark academia fashion. Next is how you can combine every piece of dark academia clothes together to create your own unique outfits. 

Outfit #1: white button-down shirt + plaid pleated skirts

This is the simplest outfit you can try to achieve the feel of a dark academia aesthetic. You know, a plaid skirt can look good on everyone. To be more stunning, layer over a blazer, and don’t forget to slip into a pair of loafers or Mary Janes. To look more feminine, a white frilly blouse will be a perfect choice for you.

Outfit #2: White turtleneck + checked or plaid trousers + blazer or trench coat

I’m sure that you have seen these dark academia outfits many times in movies.  You should pick up a blazer or coat in beige, grey, or brown hues. Then, you can make your look even more outstanding by adding a black or brown leather belt.

Outfit #3 – Button-down shirt + sweater vest + pants 

You can’t go wrong with this outfit. Just remember to pick up all dark academia clothes in neutral colors. You can wear a white or light-colored collared shirt inside and layer over a black or brown knitted sweater vest. You also can try on an oversized sweater vest to emphasize your look for sure. And if you find them boring, you can pick up some with different prints and graphics to make your look stand out.

As an alternative, a turtleneck is a great option. It is the perfect piece for rainy and cold days in a cafe with your friends or family.

Finish your look with loafers or Mary Janes. For a modern look, you can try on belly flats or boots instead. 

Step into Dark Academia: Outfits Inspired by the Intriguing Aesthetic

Outfit #4: Turtleneck + midi-length skirt + blazer

For an authentic feel of dark academia style, you should emulate the colors that are usually worn in school or university. Striped or ribbed turtlenecks will look great when layered with blazers. You will achieve a polished look when putting on this outfit.

Outfit #5: frilly blouse or turtleneck + long pleated skirt

A white blouse and black skirt are the perfect combos you must try. You will look extremely chic, fashionable, and noble in this outfit. To complete your look, you can slip into our suggested shoes above or try on a modern choice like black leather heeled ankle boots. On colder days, a turtleneck will be the perfect choice for you. This outfit is elegant, classic, and timeless. In case you enjoy staying true to the perfect dark academia fashion, why don’t you try on a dark-shaded roll neck and a plaid full-length skirt? To emphasize your look even more, layer over an oversized coat and a pair of loafers or Chelsea boots for a complete touch.

To achieve an authentic feel, be sure to stick to muted colors (brown, black, or grey) all the time. An addition of a vintage watch or delicate earrings will be enough to emphasize your dark academia outfits even more.

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