Wide-Leg Pants: The Ultimate In Comfort And Style

Wide-Leg Pants: The Ultimate In Comfort And Style

Wide-leg pants: The Ultimate in Comfort and Style

Wide-leg pants are the magic pieces that seem to be in the wardrobe of every woman because they give you the illusion of an hourglass silhouette. But do you know to dress them in the right way to create a chic and unique style? Don’t go any further because our ultimate guide will help you.

I. Some useful tips when buying wide-leg pants

i. Basic tips for you

First of all, choosing ones that are well-fitted with your height is very important. Too short or too long both spoil your look. And you should pick up pants which can express your certain aesthetic. Preppy, athleisure, or 90’s lounge—each kind of fashion will have its own characters, and you need to choose your clothes based on those specific characters.

You will also need to pay attention to the material, such as denim, khakis, or stretchy fabric, and the colors and patterns of the pants. You can try out pants with pretty patterns such as stripes, flower prints, or patchwork. For example, you can match your baggy patchwork jeans with a mesh long-sleeve T-shirt or a sexy bodysuit.

High-waisted pants will be very useful to create a nice elongating effect. You know, it helps to create well-curved hips and balance your overall outfit with a wide leg.

Wide-leg pants: The Ultimate in Comfort and Style

ii. Secret tip: Play with colors

Colorful—yes, outfits for E-girls, Y2K girls, or Pastel Goths are always outstanding because of the colors. Then, how about a pair of flowy orange wide-leg Y2K pants paired with a matching color tube top (with attached colorful stones)?

Or how about a two-piece set of high-waisted, wide-leg pants and loose shirts in green colors?

Final tip, you always should have white or black wide-leg pants because they are two basic colors than can easily match with other colors.

II. 06 trendy ways to style your wide-leg pants

There are so many different ways for you to play with a pair of wide-leg pants. If you still don’t know where to start with this piece of clothing, then let’s dive into our 10 ways to style your wide-leg cargo pants right now.

Wide-leg pants: The Ultimate in Comfort and Style

i. Outfit #1: With a printed scarf tube top

This is a very on-trend outfit that you must try. You can pair cargo khakis pants with a matching printed scarf tube top and make a highlight with a sleek black belt. For a stunning look, you can select a scarf in the contrasted color with pants. You can wear a shoulder bag and a pair of pretty flip-flops, and you are ready to go out on the street.

For a more youthful and energetic appearance, a printed or plain scarf top and denim Y2K pants will do their jobs. In case you don’t want to show off so much of your skin, a light coat outside will be your lifesaver.

ii. Outfit #2: With a crop top

Crop tops are the easiest and most attractive pieces you can pair with wide-leg pants. You can select any kind of crop top, such as a tube top, a corset top, a bra top, an off-the-shoulder crop top, a flutter-sleeve crop top, and so on. Tops with printed patterns are also suggested. The easiest way to make a statement is to choose a plain top in a neutral color such as white, light pink, or baby blue. The tip here is that you should pick up bold designs with ruffles, off-shoulders, or lace-ups to make you more stylish. You can add more style points to your cargo pants outfits with a pretty cardigan in a matching color.

For Y2K pants, the best choice for you is denim pants (maybe with floral patterns for a cute look), a white crop top, and a cropped jean jacket layered outside.

Wide-leg pants: The Ultimate in Comfort and Style

For a feminine look, a pair of white cargo khakis pants with a black off-shoulder crop top will surely steal someone’s heart.

If you are a fan of black, then a pair of black wide-leg pants, a white fitted crop top, and layer outside a stylish trench coat. You will catch all eyes on the street on colder days for sure.

The one thing you must have in your closet is a leather jacket. A leather jacket is a timeless must-have piece, you know? Wear a leather jacket and your look will be lifted up instantly with ease. You will look extra chic if add a leather jacket to your current pants outfits.

iii. Outfit #3: With a blouse

A billowy blouse tucked into wide-leg cargo pants is an absolutely nice outfit for anyone. If you want to look sexier and more stylish, you can style an oversized button-down slightly off the shoulder. You know this is a trick to create a skin-baring moment and to be sexy enough.

iv. Outfit #4: With a sweater

Sweaters are an always-available piece in every wardrobe. Then, just pick up a pair of denim wide-leg cargo pants and tuck a fitted sweater inside. Finish your cargo pants outfits with a pair of stylish chunky sneakers, and you are ready to take some amazing pictures to post on Instagram.

Wide-leg pants: The Ultimate in Comfort and Style

v. Outfit #5: With a turtleneck

In the cold months, a cozy turtleneck will be the best choice to go with pants. You can make the contrast by choosing a pair of light-colored cargo khakis pants to go with a dark turtleneck. On the contrary, black wide-leg pants and a light-colored turtleneck will give you a modern and chic outlook. If your turtleneck is an oversized one, you can push up the sleeves a little to make you look even more stunning as well as temper the volume.

vi. Outfit #6: With a mock neck

Wanna recall the ‘90s grunge moment? Then you must invest in a mock neck. It will go well with a pair of path work pants, a pair of stylish sunglasses, and other accessories such as earrings, rings, and a belt.

And, which of those cargo pants outfits will you wear for the next going out? Can you let us know about your experience?

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